After Two Years, She Finally Finds Out What Boyfriend Hid Inside Her Necklace

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When her boyfriend gave her a handmade necklace, Anna thought that she was the luckiest girl in the world! Little did she know that inside the necklace was hiding a secret that would change her life forever.

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The Australian couple, Anna and Terry, made headlines when Terry finally revealed what he had hidden inside his girlfriend’s necklace for the last two years. He knew he had to show it to her one day but he never thought it would cause international concern!

Anna and Terry

Anna and Terry lived in Australia and have been dating for one year now. After being friends for almost 4 years, the duo knew each other in and out. Their relationship was a slow burn that developed from a friendship to what felt like, everlasting love.

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So, when their first year anniversary rolled around Terry wanted to give Anna a very special gift. He decided to make something himself while he wasn’t particularly handy, Terry still decided to give it a shot.

Tasmanian wood

After scrolling through thousands of ideas from the internet, Terry decided to make Anna a necklace. He made the necklace from Tasmanian Wood. A high-quality ornamental timber that is used for making cabinets, furniture, and panelling.

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It wouldn’t have been most people’s first choice but Terry had a specific design idea which he needed to execute and Tasmanian wood was the perfect material for it. The wood is naturally hard and close-grained with deep, dark colour and satiny lustre. Perfect for a necklace that can withstand daily wear for years to come.

Hiding a secret

Like we mentioned above, Terry wasn’t a learned craftsman and only decided to make Anna a necklace out of pure desire and love. It took a good amount of time for Terry to design the necklace and glue everything together.

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He knew that Anna would appreciate and love his gift, although there was something he had been hiding from her. Something which was rather big and while most girlfriends would not have taken kindly to the hidden meaning behind the necklace, Terry knew that Anna would understand.

The Perfect Date

On the day of their anniversary, Terry took Anna out to dinner, where he was going to reveal his big surprise. He was a little nervous as he wasn’t sure whether or not Anna was going to like the necklace he made for her.

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Of course, the necklace looked a little rough around the edges but Terry hoped the love he had poured into it would balance its cosmetic looks out. With shaky hands, he presented the necklace to her and Anna’s reaction to the gift was far from what Terry expected.

With The Perfect Gift

Not only did Anna like his gift, but she absolutely adored it! In Anna’s eyes, it wasn’t just a beautiful necklace but something Terry had put a part of himself into. A piece of jewellery that reflected his love and devotion to her.

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In hindsight, we wonder what Anna’s feelings would have been if she knew what Terry had hidden inside the necklace. Would it have changed the way she felt about Terry? Well, Terry didn’t think so.

More Than Just A Necklace

Anna wore her boyfriend’s gift as soon as he gave it to her and promised to never take it off again, if only she knew what Terry had hidden inside of it Anna would have never decided to wear the thing in the first place.

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Terry had actually hidden something very valuable inside the necklace. This was he ensured that no one was ever going to find it, whilst also keeping it safe. And for a while, his plan seemed to be working well.


Terry knew that one day his secret would eventually come out but he wasn’t prepared to tell Anna what it was. If his girlfriend ever discovered what was hidden inside the necklace, he would be in a lot of trouble.

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So, Terry decided to keep quiet and sit back while Anna showed it to all of her friends and family. This made Terry rather uneasy, that if not her one of her friends might find out the real reason behind why he made her a handmade necklace.

Strength To Strenght

The next few months went by fast. To Terry’s big relief, Anna was still unaware of what was hidden inside her necklace. At this point, most of her friends had seen it, so there was a lot less grabbing and thus less risk of his girlfriend finding out what’s inside.

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And true to her word, Anna never took the necklace off. Even when going to the gym, to the pool, or to the beach. She decided to keep it on at all times, this was a huge relief to Terry since he was the only person in the world who knew what was hidden inside.

First Trip Together

The months turned into years and the couple decided to go on a nice trip together. They had always loved to travel but due to financial issues, they had not been able to go on a trip together for a while now.

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Anna was actually afraid of flying but thankfully, Australia offered a diverse set of local travel options. So, the couple decided that a trip around Australia would be a great kickstart to the new year.

A Fantastic Trip

Their trip turned out to full of fond memories and cemented to Terry that he truly wanted to spend the rest of his life with Anna. However, before he could take their relationship to the next level, the secret inside the necklace haunted him.

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Terry knew he couldn’t keep this up for much longer and while on the surface, Terry was the complete picture of charm it looked like he time to tell Anna what was inside the necklace was coming closer and closer.


One year after their first trip, The duo was ready for more, so they decided to save up and travel abroad. Even though Anna was still very much afraid of flying, she knew that with Terry at her side everything would be found.

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They decided that Scotland was the perfect spot. Anna had a close friend living there and Terry had never been to any place in Great-Britain and was very eager to finally see it with his own eyes. This also became the destination that Terry decided he would reveal his secret.

It Had To Be Done

Terry decided that Scotland would be the perfect place to finally reveal his big secret to Anna. He had been living with the secret for more than two years now and he knew that he had to do it soon than later.

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But before Terry could tell Anna the secret, he was worried that it would reveal itself. While Anna was the one with the fear of flying, Terry was the one sweating during the security check at the airport because of the necklace.

Panic Attack

In all the excitement of their trip, Terry had completely forgotten about the thorough security check they would have to go through at the airport. He immediately started to panic worried that his secret would be revealed in the worst way possible.

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Weirdly, the security guards didn’t even give the necklace a second glance and it seemed like someone above was looking out for Terry. Finally, their vacation to Scotland had started and Terry knew it was time to tell Anna everything.

A Little Problem

It was bean years since Terry gave Anna the necklace and he had every intention of finally removing the item from Anna’s necklace but he encountered a simple problem. Anna still almost never took the necklace off!

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He knew asking her to take it off would seem rather weird to her and would make the situation more worst than it already was! So, Terry planned a whole sightseeing day in which he would ask Anna to go explore the secluded caves of northern Scotland.

Ready For The Worst

Terry was nervous the entire way to the caves as he knew what he was about to do could severely impact their relationship. A relationship that had been perfect so far and if anything bad happened, Terry knew he would be rightfully blamed.

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Little did he know that what was going to happen next would be beyond his wildest dreams. When the couple arrived at the caves, Terry decided it was time to reveal his secret to Anna.

“Please Take It Off”

Terry asked his girlfriend to take off her necklace, which immediately confused Anna but she did what he asked her to. She handed the handcrafted piece of jewellery to him and what he did next left her screaming!

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Terry broke the necklace apart with his pocket knife and gave it back to Anna. She was shocked by what he was doing! Her precious necklace was destroyed! The one she had been wearing almost every single day since he gave it to her and her jaw dropped.

The Secret?

But hidden between the two wooden pieces of her necklace was something Anna immediately recognized, It was an engagement ring! Sell shocked by her discovery, she looked at her boyfriend, who, at this point, was already down on one knee.

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Anna couldn’t believe her eyes, and once she had fully realized what was happening, she started screaming with happiness! Of course, she said yes but still couldn’t really believe what was happening!

Terry’s Masterplan

To think, all this time, she had been wearing an engagement ring on her neck without even knowing it! Anna deeply kissed Terry and couldn’t believe that he wanted to marry her, years ago when he made her the necklace!

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She knew the couple was ready for marriage and had in fact been waiting for him to ask the big question but never did she think, Terry had already planned the proposals years in advance!

“You idiot!”

It was indeed a wonderful surprise, one which felt like it belonged in a fairytale. Anna later said that her boyfriend’s proposal was terrific, and she feels like the luckiest woman in the world with a man like Terry by her side.

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Their engagement and subsequent marriage had been everything she had expected from it and more but after a couple of weeks, Ann realized something ” I could have lost it, you idiot!” Anna yelled.

Thoughtful Yet Risky

She had been wearing the necklace, albeit carelessly considering it had a diamond ring hidden inside. Anything could have happened to it but somehow Terry had trusted her with such a pricey gift, anyways.

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This only enhanced the couple’s love for each other and after that amazing proposal, It was, of course, time to tell the family. And how did Anna’s family react to Terry’s over-the-top proposal?

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