Dog Kept Barking At 3 A.M, So They Set Up A Night Cam And The Footage Left Them Frozen

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When George Miller’s dog, Crosby kept barking at the walls, the young man just assumed that his four-legged friend was just anxious and needed a walk but when he kept doing it, again and again, every day, George couldn’t help but be worried.

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This led him to install a night camera, where Crosby kept barking and the footage revealed that Crosby’s intuition was going to end up saving a life and forcing Miller to do something, he never thought he could ever do.

His Best Friend

George Miller was like any other modern young adult, he was living in a town far from the place where his relatives live, for work and the only thing giving him comfort in the new place was his dog, Crosby.

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Together, the duo learned to create a new routine that worked for both of them and allowed Miller to settle down in his new town. Crosby was sweet, loyal and they instantly bonded.

His Furry Friend

Their relationship felted natural and nurturing, Crosby quite easily fit into his life and Miller noted that Crosby was generally a very trusting pet, who would be gentle towards other animals and humans.

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This only made what Crosby did next even more confusing for George. He couldn’t help but wonder how his lovely dog can do such a thing. He began to ask himself whether this was the same dog that he had decided to adopt many years ago but we are getting ahead of ourselves, right now.

Making Friends

While George worked, Crosby was busy making friends around the neighbourhood. He had two best friends and after seeing them sniff each other’s butts and play around for eight years together, Miller knew that getting Crosby was the best decision he ever made.

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But it all started going awry when both of Crosby’s friends passed away. The pets belonged to the same owner and while he was wracked with grief and sorrow, Crosby himself had to deal with his own heartbreak.

Subtle Signs

Initially, the change in Crosby‘s personality was not noticed by George. The owner and the pet were stuck to their routines, so seeing the warning signs was rather difficult but one day, however, it was all but obvious.

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It was a normal day of work and as Miller arrived back home from work. He anticipated his furry pal to receive him with a warm welcome as usual but Crosby seemed rather troubled! His warm friend was acting so unlike him, that Miller knew something was wrong.

Staring At The Wall

Rather than waiting for Miller at the front door, Crosby was in the living room staring at a wall. This was very odd for him and even odder when George called Crosby to him, his loyal dog of eight years did not react.

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This is when George began to worry. A million explanations whirled around in his mind, from wondering if Crosby was experiencing hearing loss or had George done something to upset his trusted friend.

Snapping Out Of The Trance

Goegrde decided to clap his hands to get Crosby’s attention but still didn’t get any response, so went and bending down beside his pet and looked at the portion of the wall that his dog was staring at.

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What was it that about that spot that had transfixed Crosby? George comforted Crosby and after a while, Crosby appeared to finally snap out of his trance. “What is it, boy?” asked Miller, of course, knowing the dog couldn’t talk but something about his eyes told Miller that things were awry.

Back To Normal

As soon as Crosby was done staring at the spot, George methodically checked him to ensure that his hearing was okay and that he was eating properly. The rest of the night went without incident.

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This only confirmed to George that maybe, Crosby had just spotted a new bug on the wall which he couldn’t spot but when George woke up during the night to get himself a glass of water, he noticed when Crosby was once more staring at the wall!

He Needed Answers

It was a very random spot on the wall but Crosby was staring at it nonetheless and this time the dog seemed even sadder. This new behavioural change was worrying George. He knew he needed to understand what Crosby was doing and fast.

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So, George got up early in the morning to go to the nearest store and bought a night vision video camera. He set up everything and went to work, happy knowing that whatever Crosby was doing when he was alone, George would soon know all of it.

Trying To Send A Message

When George eventually reviewed the clip, he learned that most of the time, Crosby did not stare at the wall. He acted much like his normal cheery self, entertaining himself with his toys and such.

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It seemed that it was only when George was around would the dog go up to the wall! Crosby was trying to convey a message of some sort to George but he had no idea what that message was!

Taking A Closer Look

This time rather than trying to understand Crosby, George decided to look at the spot he kept staring at. While he was doing it Crosby barked playfully at him, wagging his tail and jumping around!

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It was the first time in quite some time that the dog seemed happy and excited since his friends had died. Something about this spot was making Crosby very excited, and his owner demanded to check what it was.

What Was Inside The Walls?

George decided to get to Crosby’s eye level to get a better angle at the spot and while he was on his knees, Crosby once again let out a cheerful bark but what George heard next left him shocked and frozen!

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There was a noise coming from the wall! “What on Earth? “He murmured. His heart began to pound against his chest and Crosby’s excitement seems to have no bounds. This when Geroge realized there was something inside the wall.

There Was A Hole

George saw that there was a specific spot near the bottom of the wall where the wood panelling was missing but the hole was still too small for him to fully investigate inside the wall, so he said goodbye to his security deposit and made a bigger hole in the wall.

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George squeezed his hand into the hole with a deep breath until his elbow was inside the wall. He started to feel the space around him, and then touched something that caused him to jump back in complete fear!

Checking It Out

Sitting on the floor, scared and surrounded by pieces of drywall, George couldn’t believe what he had touched! Whatever was hiding inside his wall was moving! And that is what Crosby had been trying to tell him all along!

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Pulling himself back together, George knew that whatever it was, he needed to get it out of the wall. Rather than let his fear control this situation, he tried to stay as realistic as possible. It might just have been some loose insulation after all.

Something Down There

He got back up and put his hand inside the phone, this time far more cautiously and when his fingers made contact with something soft as well as tiny. He was sure it was just wall insulation once more but when the “insulation” let out a high-pitched whine!

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This was no insulation! It was alive! In fact, it sounded like it was a small animal! Maybe a rat or a possum had gotten into the vents somehow? While any of those ideas didn’t make George any happy, he knew he couldn’t leave the animal in there.

The Truth About The Wall

It was only when the second sound he heard, sounded faint like a cat did he realized that there was a kitten was hiding in there! And after much coaxing and tearing a bigger hole in his wall, the baby was out!

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George was shocked to see how alike the kitten looked to one of Crosby’s feline friend who had recently passed away. But he had no time to wonder about the little cat’s geology, he needed to give some major R&R to the little kitten.

A Lot Of Questions

The kitten was covered in dust and very week and George had no idea how she got there. Could it have been that her mom was nearby? That seemed rather unlikely and while George was no cat-person, he knew that such a small kitten couldn’t get so high up in his way by herself.

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At one point he even blamed Crosby and thought he might have taken the little kitten away from her litter and snuck her inside the house. As George washed and dried the little unexpected addition, he felt more confused than ever.


As he was taking care of the kitten, Crosby sat next to him energetically wagging his tail,  looking very happy. From the looks of it, the kitten was only a few months old and George had no idea how to care for her.

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He hoped the kitten’s true owners were searching for her or at least its mom. So, once he had tucked the kitten inbox, away from Crosby with some food and water George went to work on finding more about the poor animal.

Asking His Neighbors

Even though it was late, George began looking for her owners. He asked all of his neighbours if anyone had lost a kitten or at least seen a cat mom looking for a kitten but sadly no one had any answers.

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The night was eventless and both the kitten and Crosby seems to have settled down and as the morning rolled around, Geroge decided to print out posters, urging anyone to come forward if they were the owners of the kitten.

Vet Visit

Again, he did not get any information. It was time to widen the search, so he took the little kitten to the vet. The doctor inspected the neck of the kitten to see she was chipped and again, there was nothing there.

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George had no idea what to do with the kitten, so the vet suggested that he post her picture on the town’s Facebook group. Surely, that would find the original owners and while George would have loved that, someone else in the house did not want to be away from his new friend.

Friends Forever

Throughout this whole process,  Crosby was enjoying his new feline friend’s company a fair amount and while George knew he was a friendly dog, his devotion to the little kitten even stunned him.

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The vet also mentioned that if no one turned up, the kitten should be placed in a shelter since George had no plans of owning a cat or was even ready to take care of one but seeing the bond between Crosby and the kitten was changing his mind.

Making A Decision

George stated, “The vet told me that if I took her to the shelter she’d be put down because there are already over 300 kittens at the county shelter alone that need homes.” The vet also suggested, ” I could try putting her outside and hope she goes home, or I could keep her.”

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And well, that is exactly what he did! Without anyone coming forward, George made the final decision to officially adopt the little cat he found in his wall. He named her Lil Ray-Ray and while George fell for the kitten, the bond she and Crosby shared seemed to be on another level.

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